getting started

Call us on 07391 616003 or
Drop us an email.
Test the booking system.
We don’t ask for credit card information.
You are not locked into a contract.


set up services

We will design your booking page.
Contact details, social media &
logos will be added to the page.
Configure your working hours.
Add holidays or breaks.
All your services will be added.
Multiple staff members can be added.
Book now added to your social media.
Paypal will be intergrated (if you require this).
Full access to your diary and settings.
You can edit services breaks etc.

start taking bookings

Take bookings in real time.
Clients book online.
Book clients on at appointments.
Payment up front service.
Pay at appointment service.
No need to speak to customers. Save time!
Confirmation emails are sent.
View your schedule online.
Bookings can be viewed on any device.
Shortcuts added to your phone or tablet devices.
Sort bookings by day, week, or month.