The booking process

When a client clicks your book now button on your website or social media pages the video displayed on this page will show you how seamless and quick the process is. This is just a quick video to show you. Multiple staff members are various locations with all the services can be listed here. 

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Weekly calendar view for each service provider
Week selection
Daily calendar view for all service providers
Date/day selection
List of staff members displayed on the calendar
Add new appointment
Edit appointment
Edit booking details

Appointments date range
Setting delimiter
Export appointments list to CSV
Sorting by certain criteria (Booking Time; Staff Member; Customer Name; Service; Duration; Price)
Delete appointment from the list
Staff members
Create new staff member
Delete staff member
Staff members arrangement view
Staff member personal/contact details
Staff member user role
Staff member photo
Individual service list for each service provider
Individual price list for each service provider
Service capicity for each service provider
Individual schedule for each service provider
Individual working breaks for each service provider
Individual ‘Days off’ calendar for each service provider
Unlimited number of service providers

Create new category
Delete category
Edit category title
Categories arrangement view
Create new service
Delete service
Edit service title
Services arrangement view
Marking color for each service
Duration for each service
Price for each service
Capacity for each service
Staff members list for each service
Assign service to category
Unlimited number of services

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Create a new customer
Import customer list
Delete customer
Edit customer data
Sort by customer data
Appointments and payments statistics for each customer
Quick customer search
Add new customer directly from the calendar

Sender’s details
Notification to customer about appointment details
Notification to staff member about appointment details
Notification to staff member about appointment cancellation
Notification to administrators about appointments
Evening reminder to customer about next day appointment
Follow-up message on the day after appointment
Evening notification with the next day agenda to staff member
Text formatting tools
Tags/short codes support
Visual edit mode
Text edit mode

Payment date range
Filtering within certain criteria (payment method; customer; service provider; service)
Sorting by certain criteria (date; type; customer; service provider; service; amount; coupon; appointment date)
View payment reports

Color scheme selection
Show/hide form progress tracker
Show/hide calendar
Show/hide blocked time slots
Show each day in one column
Each step appearance modification
Change the fields titles
Change the fields descriptions
Tags/short codes support
HTML tags support
Custom fields
Editable text field
Text area field
Checkbox group field
Radio button group field
Drop down menu field
Required/not required fields
Custom fields arrangement view
Custom fields in calendar
HTML tags support

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Setting coupon
Setting discount percentage
Delete coupons

Time slot length
Minimum time requirement prior to booking
Restrict the number of days available for booking
Display available time slots in client’s time zone
Cancel appointment page URL
Final step URL
Company contact details
Company logo
Currency selection
Enable/disable coupons
Payment methods setup
Payment on-location
PayPal payment method
Enable/disable available payment methods
Remove payment step from the booking form
Company working schedule
Holidays calendar
Every year recurring holidays

Select category
Select service
Select staff member
Select number of persons

Details step
Appointment details confirmation
Personal details input (Name, phone and e-mail)
Custom fields input

Payment step
Payment method selection
Adding coupon code

Final step
Successful booking confirmation

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