Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I offer bookings with youbook on my own website?

A booking system isn’t much use if your customers can’t find it, so we make it as easy as possible for you to get it out there. There are book now buttons we can easily add to your own website. 

Did we mention we have a booking button you can add to your Facebook page with two clicks?

Do I have to install youbook on my computer?

you book is cloud-based software, which means there’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to update when we release new features. You can access an always-up-to-date diary from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Are email reminders included in the monthly plan cost?

Use as many email reminders as you like for free. No limits, no hidden costs.

If I use youbook will my customers be able to pay online using their credit card? Does it have to be either on or off, or can I make it optional?

Yes, they certainly can. you book integrates with paypal so just create an account with paypal and we will pop the details into your you book account. Your customers can start payment for their appointments online right away.

There are a number of options available, too – make online payments optional or mandatory, ask for the full amount, or just take a deposit. Make you book work the way your business works.

Is my confidential business and client data safe with youbook?

We’re trusted by all of customers to keep their sensitive data safe and secure. We take multiple steps to ensure that no chances are taken when it comes to the information we hold. 

Is there a contract I have to enter?

No there is no contract. You pay on a month by month basis.

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